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April 22, 2012
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"Hi Cho, it's nice to finally meet you!" Stitches greeted. She crossed the street over to were Cho was sitting, on a bench.

"Hello Stitches~ How are you?" Cho replied nicely.

"I'm doing well... you?" She sat down beside her.

"I am good..." She answered, "but I'm still looking for her." She stared at the ground in sorrow.

Stitches patted Cho on the back in attempt to comfort her. "I heard you were divorced... I'm sorry about that." She said.

Cho lifted her head to look Stitches in the eyes. The purple button which replaced her left eye gleamed in the moonlight.

"It's alright. I'm planning on dragging him to Hell then retrieving my baby." She laughed a bit.

Stitches chuckled, then thought in silence for a moment.

"What if your ex-husband has had your baby this whole time?" She finally said, "I swear if he does, he will get a beating!" She rose from the bench in anger, "AND HE WILL GET IT FROM ME BECAUSE HE MADE YOU SUFFER!" Her fists clenched as she kicked a rock all the way across the street. Realizing how crazy she must've looked, she quickly sat back down. Cho was silent. "...sorry I have some anger issues..." Stitches mumbled.

"Don't be sorry!" Cho beamed, "That's exactly how I feel..." She stared at the ground with Stitches.

It was quiet for a while. Stitches glanced at Cho, who was guiltily hanging her head. In attempt to change the subject, she tried to think of something else to say.

"...I've heard about the schoolgirl, is she okay?" She asked.

Cho raised her eyes to look at her, and mumbled something under her breath. "Well, I wouldn't know, I haven't seen her since that night." Cho thought, "Poor thing must be scared to death... but she lied to me..." Her head snapped  up, in remembrance of that night. "lied..." She repeated silently.

Cho suddenly slammed her fists against the creaky wood of the bench. "WHY WOULD SHE LIE TO ME?!"

Stitches jumped a bit, and fumbled to make her feel better. "I-it's ok..." She squeaked, "but the thing is ,why she lied, I think..." She paused and Cho looked back at her again, "is because she was scared." She finished. "I've heard your story, and you had blood on your face." She looked at Cho, whose dark red eyes shone in the moonlight. " And your short black messy hair..." She tried to continue, but the way her hair had grown out again was beautiful. It looked silky to the touch. Stitches brought her hand up to Cho's face and tucked a stray strand behind her ear.

"And the way your bones were twisted and broken..." Stitches placed her hand gently on Cho's, and they exchanged a glance. "Maybe if you looked different," She continued, "then she wouldn't have lied... I'm sorry for that though." She apologized as if it were her own fault.

"Well, when you put it that way, I guess I understand." Cho smiled. "I washed my face, and combed my hair, just for you!" She said proudly. "I even tried fixing some of my limbs... but my leg..." She stared down at her right leg, which was twisted around backwards.

"Well thank you for that." Stitches replied to Cho's realization. "The creepy thing about me though, is that I'm part doll." She stopped, and Cho stared at her button eye. "I have many stitches, from my waist to my legs, and a couple of stitches on my fingers." She held up her stitched hands and moved her fingers around a little. Cho took hold of them, and brought them down into her lap. Stitches blushed, and gently squeezed Cho's pale hands in hers.

"I'm good with making dolls and fixing broken limbs. How about I help you?" She asked shyly.

"Really?" Cho asked, excited, "That would be so nice of you!" Her hands left Stitches, as they moved down towards her twisted limb. "You see, when I fell, I landed on just this leg, and it got twisted around to the right." She accidentally pressed on it too hard, and tears burned in her eyes. "It hurts really bad." She choked.

"Okay..." Stitches got down onto her knees, assessing the damage. "Now just relax, think happy thoughts..." She grabbed her leg gently, "deep breaths." Cho breathed deeply in fear, as she braced herself for the worst. "This is going to pinch a bit..." She mumbled.

Cho clenched her jaw in pain, as Stitches snapped the leg back to its original structure with a loud CRACK. Cho let out a loud yelp, followed by relief.

"That wasn't a pinch!" She complained.

"I'm sorry!" Stitches fumbled.

"It's okay..." Cho sighed.

Stitches let her hands stray, making sure the bones were in place. "Lets get a cast on this, and then you'll feel all better." She smiled.

"Thank you so much..." Cho gasped, "It feels so much better now!"

"You're welcome." Stitches stood up to hug Cho. "And don't worry, it'll get better soon."

After carefully applying a cast around her leg, Cho stood up to test it out. Her limping was eliminated, and she could walk at a normal pace, just as she used to. "Again, thank you." Cho hugged her.

"No problem." Stitches took Cho's hand in hers. "Now let's find your baby."

They smiled as they sauntered down the path, illuminated by the moonlight. Cho looked at Stitches, the determined look she had in her face. Her eyes seemed to gleam in excitement. After a few moments, Stitches turned her head to see Cho looking at her. Cho leaned forward, and gently kissed her cheek. Stitches blushed, and again interlocked her fingers with Cho's. Hand in hand, they ventured off to find her precious baby.
Just a follow-up from my last pic: [link]
Stitches and Cho had a conversation. A long conversation. :lol: But it's pretty cute, I'll admit.
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